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Here at Gallup Title we know that getting title insurance can be overwhelming and develop many questions. Here are our frequently asked questions. Any additional questions feel free to contact us!

What is a Commitment?

  • A commitment is as it sounds. A commitment to purchase title insurance.

  • Schedule A contains the Who, What, Where and How Much.

  • Schedule B-I sets the requirements that must be met in order to issue a policy.

  • Schedule B-II notifies the buyer/lender of exceptions from coverage. The exceptions will not be insured. 


What is the Affidavit of Martial Status?

  • New Mexico is a community property state meaning if you are married your spouse will have rights to the property regardless if they are on the deed or not.

  • Confirms one's marital status for property. If you are married your spouse will have rights to the property. The affidavit helps us avoid future problems when the property is sold. 

  • #9 is asking who your underwriter is. You can find this at the very top of your commitment. Our Home Page lists all the underwriters we work with.

  • Who is the affiant? - This is you! This part will need a notary


What is the Notice to Purchaser Insured?

  • This discusses seven standard title policy exceptions. These exceptions describe matters that may not be covered in title policy. 


What is an Escrow Officer? 

  • An escrow officer is an unbiased third party who ensures a real estate transaction is correctly carried out by a homebuyer, home seller and any real estate agents involved in the purchase or refinance of a home. Escrow officers oversee the terms of a contract, and that they are honored by all parties


What is the Turn Around Time on an Order?

  • 3-5 Business Days given there are no title issues. Bigger transactions may be quoted differently. Searches vary.

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Get in Touch

If you have any additional questions please contact us! Anyone in our office is more than happy to help!

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