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"The staff and management of Gallup Title Company is dedicated to provide the most timely, accurate, professional and courteous service possible to our customers, at the fairest price."

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What We Do

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At Gallup Title we work with outstanding underwriters to provide title insurance. Our underwriters are Commonwealth , Fidelity,  First American, Old Republic, Stewart, and WFG National Title. These underwriters provide us with the proper legal information to have a successful transaction. 

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We work with buyers, sellers, lenders, and mortgage lenders. Our closing services occur when purchasing property and refinancing.

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We ensure that a property is free and clear of any  title issues. Property insurance insures the past. It is our responsibility to ensure that no debts or liens follow you into the future. We verify that there are no errors in the chain of title.

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Our History

Gallup Title Company formerly known as G & P Inc., has been serving Gallup and the surrounding area since 1931. The original company was Mid-Valley Abstract founded by Ira Sprecher. It was not until 1978 that Philip Garcia would come work for the company. He and his wife Lyneve Garcia and their partners George and Wilma Taira purchased the company in 1996. Philip was with Gallup Title from 1978 until his passing in 2015. But his passion and legacy continue today. 



Early Development of Gallup Title Co. new building

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